Air Pollution Monitor

15 March, 2024

The Fitzrovia Trust has recently overseen the installation of an air pollution monitor in the playground of a local nursery in Whitfield Street. The monitor was installed in November 2023 so that we can  record the current levels of air pollution in Fitzrovia and work with local clinicians and scientists to help objectively examine the impact this is having on users of the nursery and those living and working in the surrounding area. This will inform a debate about what action can be taken to improve air quality in Fitzrovia.

The monitor was officially launched on Saturday 2 March but data has been collected since November 2023. It records levels of nitrogen dioxide and particulates (PM2.5), both of which damage health and are the products of burning fossil fuels.  The monitor measures these pollutants in real time and the results can be viewed on this website:

You will see that readings for both pollutants frequently exceed World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended levels.

Further information about air quality can be found on the Breathe London website:

Camden’s air quality action plan is here: