The Fitzrovia Trust
Trident Business Centre
89 Bickersteth Road
London SW17 9SH

Tel 0845 834 0014
Fax 0845 834 1006
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Management Council Meeting dates:

All meetings start at 6pm:-

 Wednesday 22 March 2017

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Wednesday 20 September 2017


Interested in joining Fitzrovia Trust?

The Fitzrovia Trust is a membership organisation and seeks to recruit as members, individuals with an interest in its work and who can make effective use of their skills, views and experience. Members of the Trust are entitled to vote at General Meetings of the Trust and seek election to the Management Council.

The Management Council is responsible for maintaining a membership that reflects and supports the Trust’s mission and values. As a matter of policy we will seek to ensure that Fitzrovia Trust has a broad based membership which reflects its constitution and the communities it serves. Our membership is an important means of enhancing and demonstrating accountability to the people who live and work in the Fitzrovia community.The Trust welcomes applications from individuals from ethnic minority communities who are currently underrepresented within the organisation.

Membership is open to:-

·         Individuals living in the Fitzrovia area

·         People who have established businesses in Fitzrovia

·         Individuals who have an interest in and commitment to the work of Fitzrovia Trust

The Trust believes that young people have a vital role to play in its activities and is keen to extend membership to young people aged 18 years and over who live in Fitzrovia.


·         All members are entitled to receive a copy of the Annual Report and Accounts.

·         All members must be invited to the General Meeting and Special General Meetings.

·         Members have the right to information about the Trust’s affairs and they can obtain this from the director or Management Council members.  Information classified as "Confidential" cannot be disclosed to members.

·         From time to time the director will send out a report on the Trust’s performance to the members and they may make comments or representations on its contents.