The  Fitzrovia Trust


Established in 1985, the Fitzrovia Trust acquires vacant and run-down properties of architectural and historical significance and brings them back into beneficial use for the community.

In particular, we aim to increase the supply of affordable housing and to provide shops which meet the needs of local residents.

The Trust believes that these aims can be achieved alongside the preservation of historic buildings and other facilities in the area.  This means working in partnership with local authorities, housing associations, local businesses and other interested stakeholders to identify development opportunities which can make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

We currently own six houses in Warren Street and we have a lease on a playground and nursery in Whitfield Street.

All the upper floors of our Warren Street properties are let to housing associations or managed by the Trust, taking nominations from Camden Council’s housing waiting list.  The ground floors and basements are let to independent businesses and this generates an income to make the Trust a viable enterprise.


Date of next Trust meeting 

TBA at the Fitzrovia Community Centre, 2 Foley Street, London, W1W 6DL


Like other neighbourhoods in London, Fitzrovia  is a very diverse community.  We are very keen to ensure that the Trust’s membership and Management Council are reflective of the community it serves.  Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a member or getting involved with the work of the Trust.



MAY 2024  The Trust is pleased to announce that Camden Council has agreed to register the playground and nursery in Whitfield Street as an Asset of Community Value (ACV).

The land and nursery building are owned by Camden Council and leased to the Fitzrovia Trust until 2027. As explained in Camden’s letter,  ACV registration means that:

The Whitfield Street Children’s Playground and Nursery, at 54a Whitfield St, London W1T 4ER, will be added to the list of assets of community value and it will stay on the list for up to five years. In addition, we will also place this asset on the local land charges register …  If the owner intends to sell the asset, they must inform the Council in writing (Our note: this means the property-managing department in Camden has to inform its own planners), and must not sell the asset for 6 weeks. … ‘

During this moratorium if written requests are sent to the Council from potential bidders within the local community’s interest groups a full moratorium of six months is declared.

So local groups have six months to find the money to buy the property themselves  at market value, though the owner isn’t obliged to accept the offer


Since moving to Fitzrovia, I have felt more of a sense of community than anywhere else I’ve lived in London

Nursery and Church

The Trust manages the playground itself, and leases the Nursery to Rainbow Angels Nurseries . This has received many glowing testimonials from the parents who use it. One person, for example, said, “I could go on and on as there are lots of reasons to choose this nursery but if you’re looking for a place where your child can grow having fun with love and care to be his best self then have faith.” Another parent and local resident commented, “Since moving to Fitzrovia, I have felt more of a sense of community than anywhere else I’ve lived in London and it’s because of spaces such as these, which allow neighbours to come together and congregate in third spaces.”

The playground and nursery are both very important community facilities. For many years Fitzrovia has been recognised as being short of play space, and has only one nursery. The Trust will make every effort to ensure these facilities continue to be open and available to those living and working in Fitzrovia and the wider area.

Rainbow Angels Nurseries & Learning Centres

Air Pollution Monitor
The Fitzrovia Trust has recently overseen the installation of an air pollution monitor in the playground of a local nursery in Whitfield Street. The monitor was installed in November 2023 so that we can  record the current levels of air pollution in Fitzrovia and work...
Must and Lees, 57 Warren Street
Must and Lees, the Trust's new commercial tenant at 57 Warren Street, has now opened its new wine shop. Just in time for Christmas. For a list of events, go to
Whitfield Street Playground
The Trust has been awarded £7,455 from Derwent's community fund to assist with the renewal of play equipment and mulch bark at the Children's Natural Playground on Whitfield Street.  
57 Warren Street
The shop at 57 Warren Street, occupied by Miel before its move to 60-61 Warren Street, has now been let by the Trust to Must and Lees. Their wine shop will be opening shortly. They'll also be organising wine-tasting courses, so WATCH THIS SPACE.